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Complaints + Whistleblowing + Response Mechanism

ADRA Uganda’s workplaces, projects, activities, schools and training centres are to be safe environments, free of any form of discrimination, harassment, violence or abuse. We cooperate with our partners to prevent and discover corruption and mismanagement of funds.

ADRA’s Complaints and Response Mechanism is based on Four Principles:

  1. Accessibility
    • Widely promoted and publicized among stakeholders
    • Easy channels for communication provided; use of standard forms for consistency, but also the option to make a verbal complaint (by interview);
    • Written in plain English (no jargon) translations available where required. Non-threatening; assistance offered where needed
  2. Legitimacy
    • Transparent governance of the Mechanism to prevent bias
    • Ultimate resolution through independent processes including mediation
    • No conflicts of interest in the procedures
    • Transparency of process guaranteed
  3. Responsiveness
    • Attentive to complainant’s needs
    • Commitment to careful listening & accurate documentation (checked back with the complainant)
    • Timely processing (14 days for resolution)
    • Progress updates provided to the complainant
  4. Fairness
    • Respectful engagement with the complainant(s) on equal terms
    • Guarantee of a ‘safe’ process
    • Confidentiality* is offered unless a third party is involved
    • Rejection of complaints are appealable
    • Appropriate redress for complainants (apology, recompense, etc.)

Please note the following:

  • ADRA does not accept anonymous complaints.
  • The organization guarantees confidentiality and a safe process, including for whistle-blowers.
  • In return, ADRA expects complainants to take responsibility for their complaint.


Complaints & Whistleblowing

Please fill the form below to report any complaints, including life-threatening/security issues, fraud, corruption, sexual exploitation and abuse.
  • Which operations are you reporting a complaint?
  • Please describe the incident(s) in as much detail as possible. Who, what, where, why and how? Describe accountability as you perceive it. You do not need to have any "proof" relating to the incident(s) you are reporting, but distinguish between what you know as fact and what you believe. You may also provide information as to how you became aware of the incident(s). Is this something you have observed in person or have you become aware by some other means?
  • Other information and/or documentation relevant to the issue(s) being reported:
  • Please submit any suggestions as to how one may prevent the reoccurrence of the type of concern(s) / incident(s) you are reporting.
  • Upload any photo or documentation pieces of evidence relevant to the issue (complaint) being reported. This is optional.
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