ADRA is looking for a researcher/firm that will do a report on ADRA’s Social Change & Livelihood Enhancement Programme.

Scope of Work

ADRA’s Social Change and Livelihood Enhancement (SCALE) Programme is a 3-year programme that is implemented in eight (8) sub-counties in the Districts of Pader (Pader Town Council, Ogom and Latanya sub-county) Agago (Lamiyo, Lira Palwo, Wol and Omot sub-county) and Kitgum (Lagoro, and Kitgum). The programme targets 46 CBOs, 8 schools, 95 cultural, religious and political leaders and other community structures like PDCs. SCALE works with 36,866 beneficiaries (21,866 Direct and 15,000 indirect) with the implementation period starting in 2019 and ending in 2021.

Program Goal

To improve the quality of life (living conditions) and resilience for vulnerable targeted beneficiaries (women, girls, men and boys) in the three civil war most affected districts of Northern Uganda (Pader, Kitgum and Agago).

Specific Objectives

  1. Targeted CBOs, CBGs, SMCs and PTAs are having an active role in advocating for and promoting quality education in districts of Northern Uganda (Pader, Agago and Kitgum).
  2. 15 CBO/CBGs are economically empowered and are diversifying their livelihood initiatives. They are food secured and are sustainably managing household resources in Northern Uganda (Pader, Agago and Kitgum)
  3. Strengthened CBOs in (Pader, Agago and Kitgum) are advocating for health services and influencing accountability and transparency in health service delivery.
  4. ADRA Uganda and her strategic partners are active CSOs and are advocating and engaging duty bearers to ensure transparency, accountability and effective allocation of resources in education, health and livelihood sectors at regional and national levels

Purpose of the Study

The purpose of this study is to investigate the social protection issues affecting in school and out of school adolescent in Northern Uganda. (Agago, Pader and Lamwo) and come up with a policy recommendation.

Study Methodology

The methodology for the study is expected to adopt both quantitative and qualitative approaches, and the research design should be clearly defined and rationale for the choice provided. The methodology should include details of study approaches and design, sampling, sample size determination, data collection methods/instruments, data analysis techniques, plan for dissemination of study findings, and be cognizant of quality assurance and ethical considerations during the study.

Study Outputs and Deliverables

The study is expected to deliver the following:

  1. Inception report
  2. Draft report
  3. Final report

 Note: All clean datasets, transcriptions, photos, videos and other study materials MUST be handed over to ADRA at the end of the study

Qualification and Experience of the Research Consultant/Firm

The researcher/consultant should have at least a minimum, Master’s Degree in Social Studies or any other developmental field with a minimum of 5 years experience in undertaking studies of livelihood programmes, health (psychosocial services), and education. She/he should be knowledgeable and experienced in advocacy, development work, with excellent analytical and verbal communication skills, as well as skilled in writing research reports. Knowledge of the local language (preferably Acholi) is required and a good mix of the research team will be an added advantage.

Supervision/Management of the Assignment

The researcher/consultant will work under the supervision of the MEAL Manager with support from the Program Advocacy Officer. This will involve tracking progress through emails, phone calls and informally through a WhatsApp platform. The Program Manager will provide all the necessary information about the program as requested by the consultant to support the process but also follow-up on completion of any internal processes. The Program Manager will support in the process of assessment, reviewing of inception report and tools as well as advise on M&E technical issues. The process will be guided by an agreed-upon activity work plan and list of deliverables to ensure adherence to deadlines and outputs. While in the field, the consultant will work closely with partners who are based in the selected districts. All compliance and contractual requirements will be clearly stipulated in the contract.

Time-Frame for the Study

The assignment is planned to take not more than 15 working days.


The consultant will be paid 40% after inception meeting is held and 60% upon submission and approval of final reports and any agreed-upon products of the study.

Submission of Proposal

Interested applicants should ONLY submit a technical and financial proposal online using this page. Deadline for submission should not be later than 15th  September 2020.