Field Monitor, WFP General Food Assistance, Kyaka II Refugee Settlement

Job Summary: To mobilize the community for distribution, set up distribution according to ADRA and donor (WFP) standard distribution procedures and provide end-user monitoring and accurate documentation on all commodity distributions.

Duties and Responsibilities

  1. Community mobilization and coordination of cash/food distribution activities at the FDPs in liaison with the Cash/Food Management Committee and Local leaders.
    • Mobilize community members in target areas for sensitization on project goal and selection criteria
    • Work closely with WFP, OPM and other partners to conduct Post Distribution meetings
    • Ensure effective generation and dissemination of all messages related to the distribution
  2. Commodity management
    • Conduct distribution in compliance with ADRA Uganda and Donor guidelines and standards
    • Prepare food request based on the approved food distribution plans
    • Notify beneficiaries about impending food distribution well in advance to ensure timely and full participation
    • Liaise with warehouse staff and Logistics Officer on distribution planning and commodities dispatching from the warehouse to distribution centres
    • Ensure that all commodities received at the FDP are properly accounted for.
    • Scrutinize all waybills for commodities arriving at the distribution centres. Ensure that the commodities are of correct quantities and quality as manifested on the waybill. Immediately record all quantities delivered short (missing), quantities lost in transit and quantities damaged if any. All observations must be recorded immediately. Commodities must carefully be counted during off-loading
    • At the distribution centre, commodities must be stacked in an organized manner, by commodity type to facilitate easy distribution. Stack commodities to the dot (no scooping except for vegetable oil)
    • Return all excess commodities received at FDP to the warehouse using Return to Store waybill.
    • Perform random weighing of the commodities offloaded from the truck to ascertain that they are of correct weight as indicated in the waybill
  3. Commodity Distribution
    • Supervise food distribution in a manner that will ensure all targeted beneficiaries receive all the planned commodities and in their rightful rations
    • Conduct caucus meeting with FMCs and local leaders to agree on roles and responsibilities during distribution
    • Conduct pre-distribution meeting to sensitize and inform beneficiaries about commodities in the food basket, ration sizes, nutrition and hygiene messages and any other issues to be communicated to them. Give beneficiaries an opportunity to ask a question for clarification
    • Ensure that appropriate crowd control measure is in place at the distribution point at all times
    • Ensure all beneficiaries are processed to receive food using the identification card
    • Ensure there is orderly lining, receiving food and sharing
    • Conduct random weighing of rations received by beneficiaries to establish whether they are getting rightful rations.
  4. Commodity Accounting
    • Provide proper accountability of commodities distributed at the food distribution point
    • Prepare all necessary forms related to food distribution i.e. sign receipt waybill, fill in the truck inspection report, random weighing form, distribution centre visit report, certificate of food receipt and distribution, loss damage reports etc
    • Print out the distribution list. Ensure that distribution list tally with manual reports
    • Ensure all forms and reports are completely filled and reviewed and approved by relevant staff
    • Ensure commodity forms and reports are filed according to agreed filing format
  5. Supervision of Food Management and Complaints Help Desk Committees
    • Mobilize and supervise beneficiaries to the elect FMC and CHD committee members in each FDP
    • Organize and conduct training of FMCs and CHD committee members on their roles and responsibilities
    • Provide adequate resources which can help them perform their function well
    • Perform any other duties incidental thereto and/or a may be assigned by the Head of Program


  • Bachelor’s degree in either BBA/BCOM or any related field
  • 3 years of progressive working experience & education
  • Fluent in English
  • Ability to communicate and interact well with people from different educational, religious backgrounds
  • Keen attention to detail and ability to effectively manage time

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