Job Title: Education/Psycho-Social Officer

Duration: 14 Months

Duty Station: Bidi-Bidi Refugee Settlement

Reports to: Project Coordinator

Project: Program for Education Advocacy and Child Education – A consortium program Stromme Foundation, ADRA and YGlobal funded by Norway Ministry of Foreign Affairs Norway

Key Duties and Responsibilities:

  1. Be responsible for attending the UNHCR and OPM coordinated cluster meetings
  2. Under the direction and supervision of the Project Coordinator, carry out community mobilization and sensitization about the activities of the project activities in collaboration with the relevant OPM, UNHCR and Local Government leadership structures, Partner NGOs and Community / Refugee leadership structures
  3. Together with refugee and community leaders responsible for mobilizing the parents and children to join and study in Child-Friendly Spaces/ECDs
  4. Supervise and coordinate the construction of CFS/ECD
  5. Mobilize parents and facilitators to establish backyard gardens around the CFS/ECDS
  6.  Be directly responsible for planning, implementation, monitoring and reporting of Psychosocial support, Gender Mainstreaming, SGBV, Child Protection and related Human Rights activities of the project as stipulated in the project document
  7. Carry out continuous assessments of the child attendance, enrollment, retention, learning and performance in CFS/ECDS
  8. Mobilize and organize SMC/PTA capacity building training
  9. Conduct  regular assessment of SMC/PTA  participation in school activities
  10. Conduct regular assessment of  Gender / SGBV, Child Protection and related Human Rights situation and needs in assigned refugee settlement(s), document and report these needs to ADRA Uganda through your immediate supervisor and working with ADRA Uganda Programs department develop concepts/ proposals for suitable interventions to address the identified needs
  11. Organize and conduct community awareness/sensitization campaigns on Child Protection; prevention of SGBV, and Gender Mainstreaming
  12. Organize, train and carry out continuous capacity building for female and male local leaders and community influential persons to sensitize targeted beneficiaries on Child Protection, Children’s rights, Psychosocial Support, SGBV and where to report risk and how to access care.
  13. Provide psychological first aid and establish a referral and complaints mechanism for SGBV survivors and abused children
  14. Do the research and carry out advocacy activities on Child Protection, SGBV, and Psychosocial support in refugee settlements located in the project’s operational area.
  15. Represent ADRA Uganda in the Protection Cluster/working group as shall be assigned by the Project Manager / ADRA Uganda
  16. Establish functional networks and collaborative relationships with relevant UN agencies, OPM and other NGOs working within the assigned refugee settlement for purposes of enhancing improved Protection, Psychosocial support, Gender Equity, Gender mainstreaming, Child Protection; and reduction of SGBV among the beneficiary community
  17. Make detailed monthly work plans and budgets for the activities assigned to you under this project and carry out day-to-day field-based technical support and monitoring of the project activities to ensure quality in the implementation of activities.
  18. In collaboration with UNHCR, OPM, the District Local Government and Refuge / Host communities, organize, train, and provide continuous capacity building to Water User Committees, Hygiene Promoters and other stakeholders that are key in the effective implementation of Child Protection, Psychosocial support, SGBV, and Gender Mainstreaming activities.
  19. Develop and/or provide technical support in the development of appropriate gender-sensitive IEC materials on Child Protection, Psychosocial support, SGBV, Gender Mainstreaming and WASH.
  20. Ensure that Protection and Psychosocial support are mainstreamed in all the project activities.
  21. Make weekly/bi-weekly cluster reports and share them with the Project Manager, Sector working groups, OPM, UNHCR, District Local government and other stakeholders as shall be deemed necessary.
  22. In compliance with ADRA Uganda’s M&E system, compile and submit to your immediate supervisor, monthly narrative and financial reports of all activities under your responsibility.
  23. Follow up, compile and submit to ADRA Uganda Case stories and pictures and video clips that demonstrate project impact; and document and submit to ADRA Uganda best practices that have been realized during project implementation.
  24. Maintain well organized and up-to-date files containing comprehensive records of all activities of the project, as well as a file containing your work plans, activity reports, and any other relevant information relating to your work.
  25. Perform any other duties as may be assigned or are incidental to this office.

Qualifications, Skills and Experience:

  • A Bachelor’s degree in Education, Community Psychology, Social Sciences or any related field. A postgraduate qualification will be an added advantage
  • Relevant professional experience of not less than 4years with emphasis on handling post-traumatic cases and psychosocial Counseling
  • Experience of working in a very dynamic and stressful environment involving managing the interests of multiple stakeholders including project beneficiaries, Local governments and Donors.
  • Experience in individual and collective counselling
  • Understanding of the confidentiality principle
  • Demonstrate ability to develop and maintain service mapping and referral pathways
  • Ability to generate high-quality reports to senior management and relevant stakeholders
  • Experience in planning, implementation, coordination and review of program interventions
  • Highly organized, conscious on time management, negotiation and communication skills
  • Excellent knowledge of computer applications (Ms Word, Excel, PowerPoint and internet)
  • Good interpersonal skills and unquestionable integrity
  • Two letters of recommendation, one of which must be from the religious leader of your local congregation


  • A degree in a relevant field, preferably in Development Studies, Economy or Socio-Economic Development, Business Administration, Entrepreneurship
  • A minimum of two years of experience working in this field is required
  • Extent and relevance of experience in liaising with governments, multilateral and bilateral development agencies, civil society and communities
  • Excellent communication skills both orally and in writing
  • Excellent data analysis and reporting skills
  • Prior work experience in Bidibidi, is an advantage
  • Possess computer/word processing skills and should be capable of working with people of different national and cultural backgrounds

Deadline: 10 December 2020