Job Title: Pharmacist
Reports to: Head Doctor, Medical Coordinator, Nurse Coordinator

Job Location: Kyaka II Refugee Settlement
Duration: December 1, 2018 to September 30, 2019

Position Summary: Pharmacists are responsible for the dispensing and procurement of medicinal products and supplies used in the hospital, working with other medical personnel to provide treatments and advice to patients, recording patient histories relating to the medicinal use, and ensuring the safe and secure storage of all medicines and hospital supplies.

Job description: The pharmacist serves patients by preparing medications; by giving pharmacological information to a multidisciplinary health care team; by monitoring patient drug therapies. They are experts in the field of medicines, how they’re used and their effect on the human body, as well as being responsible for dispensing prescriptions, purchasing and quality testing of the medicines.

The following responsibilities and duties are to be carried out on a daily basis, for all CEMS:

1. Dispense medications as prescribed by doctors and dentists, by calculating, weighing, measuring, and mixing ingredients;

2. Keep an update daily record of the medicines in stock vs medicines dispensed;

3. Provide information and advice about drugs, their side effects, correct dosage, and proper storage to all patients;

4. Review prescriptions from doctors to ensure accuracy, to ascertain the needed ingredients, and to evaluate their suitability for the patient;

5. Liaise with other medical staff to plan, monitor, review, or evaluate the quality or effectiveness of drugs and on problems patients may experience when taking their medicines;

6. Make sure medicines are stored appropriately and securely;

7. Keep records such as pharmacy files, patient profiles, charge system files, inventories, registries of poisons, narcotics or controlled drugs;

8. Plan, implement, or maintain procedures for mixing, packaging, or labelling pharmaceuticals, according to policy and legal requirements, to ensure quality, security and proper disposal in coordination with Medical and Nurse coordinators;

9. Complies with national drug laws as regulated by the MoH and WHO; maintaining records for controlled substances; removing outdated and damaged drugs from the pharmacy inventory; maintaining current registration; studying existing and new legislation; anticipating legislation; advising management on needed actions;

10. Order pharmaceutical supplies or drugs, maintaining stock and storing and handling it properly;

11. Answer questions about medicines from within the CEMS and other health stakeholders;

12. Create guidelines, when necessary, for drug use within the CEMS and implement regulations in coordination with the Management Team;

13. Provide information on expenditure on drugs;

14. Maintains safe and clean working environment by complying with procedures, rules, and regulations;

15. Develop hospital staff’s pharmacological knowledge by participating in clinical programs, training pharmacy staff, and health care professionals;

16. Keep up to date with, and contribute to, research and development.

-Degree in Pharmacology
-Minimum 5 years of experience
-Ability to work in a rotating shift of 8 hours
-Work extra hours, when needed, on weekends and/or holidays
-Flexibility to be on call
-Fluent in English
-Swahili and French
-Previous experience in humanitarian work
-Ability to communicate and interact well with people from different educational, linguistic, cultural and religious backgrounds
-Proficiency in handling basic computer programs used in hospital management and basic computer skills in Word and Excel.