Job Title: Head Doctor
Reports to: Medical Coordinator
Supervises: Doctors, Clinical Officers, Pharmacist, Lab and X-ray technicians

Job Location: Kyaka II Refugee Settlement
Duration: December 1, 2018 to September 24, 2019

Position Summary: To ensure good quality care for all patients, ensure good triage and patient flow and ensure that the treatment, information and confidentiality of the patients are according to the Patients Rights Policy.

The Head Doctor is in charge of medical matters and is the supervisor of other physicians, liaising between doctors and the management team. Will directly assist the Medical Coordinator.

It’s the Head Doctor’s duty to ensure patients receive the highest quality treatment possible by evaluating and training junior physicians, creating and enforcing the evidence-based clinical guidelines, and seeing that processes in healthcare delivery are up to standard.

Job description:
The Head Doctor have the primary responsibility of managing the health organization’s doctors to provide safe, effective medical services to the public and keeps current medical staff up-to-date on changing health regulations.

The daily duties include offering clinical guidance to physicians, innovating policy changes, starting quality improvement efforts, evaluating the quality of services and coordinating community relationships.

Will frequently attend management meetings to speak with health administrators and department heads about the facility’s performance. The Head Doctor needs to possess good organizational skills to track goal achievement and keep personnel records.

Communication skills are key to convey information clearly to other clinical coordinators and the community.

For the Head Doctor position, these are the main responsibilities and duties to be carried out on a daily basis:

1) Assist and support the Medical Coordinator;
2) Participate and co-lead on morning medical meeting daily;
3) Divide his workday between treat patients in a clinical setting and the administrative responsibilities;
4) Ensure that the medical staff are aware of the Hospital’s SOP (Standard Operation Procedures), protocols and guidelines and are followed;
5) Ensure that procedures and protocols are followed, in accordance with the guidelines provided by the Ministry of Health, District Health Official, UNHCR, as well as ADRA Uganda HR’s policies;
6) Facilitate the provision of a stable physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual environment for the delivery of the best possible medical care to a vulnerable group of persons;
7) Monitor clinical performance and find ways to improve it both administratively and clinically;
8) Facilitate and supervise the work of locally employed medical doctors (with a special attention to the junior doctors), nurses and other health supporting staff as well as all health professional volunteers from around the world, and promote an atmosphere based on professional excellence, deep compassion and respect for different worldviews and religious convictions which are principles at the core of the faith-based organizations directly engaged in this project – ADRA and Adventist Help;
9) Cooperate with the Operations Committee to initiate procedures, regulations and programs to benefit the patients and support the health centre;
10) Be involved in patient care through one-on-one patient care, clinical meetings, ward rounds, supervision treatments, amongst other tasks;
11) Ensure that the project’s objectives are being met, resources are appropriately spent and the overall morale and atmosphere remains positive in the midst of indescribable human suffering;
12) Work closely with the Head Nurse to ensure an excellent collaboration between the medical and nursing services in providing the best possible health care to patients;
13) Oversees the implementation of quality improvement efforts designed to improve clinical performance;
14) Give talks and teach classes within the facility or elsewhere;
15) Evaluates developments in medical care and makes recommendations for new practices and procedures;
16) Make sure of a good communication system between the OPD and the ER (and other Departments when applicable);
17) To carry and respond to a radio/phone when On Duty;
18) Fill the position of OPD doctor when needed;
19) Supervise, train and motivate all health care providers and support staff, especially medical students and junior doctors;
20) Maintaining professional knowledge and standards through continuing medical education, and personal professional development, keeping up to date with the latest medical treatments and medications relevant to general practice/primary health care;
21) Plan, implement, or administer health programs or standards in hospitals, businesses, or communities for prevention or treatment of injury or illness;
22) Ability to work long hours, often under pressure and be on call 24/7 for any possible emergency;
23) Maintain flexibility to take on added responsibility as and when needed.

1) Degree in Medicine
2) Minimum 5 years of experience
3) Ability to work in a rotating shift of 8 hours
4) Flexibility to work 16 hours shift when needed
5) Availability to work 24 hours shifts
6) Fluent in English (preferred)
7) Swahili and French (preferred)
8)Experience in management, administration and planning skills
9) Ability to communicate and interact well with people from different educational, linguistic, cultural and religious backgrounds
10) Excellent communication skills and aptness to build effective working relationships with staff and management at all levels
11) Proficiency in handling basic computer programs used in hospital management and basic computer skills in Word and Excel.

The CEMS project will start 1 December 2018 and is planned to run for 10 months. The contract is for ten months starting on 1 December 2018 and will be renewed (as funds are available) and based on key performance indicators (KPIs)