Job Title: Emergency Doctor
Reports to: Head Doctor, Medical Coordinator
Supervises: Clinical officers

Job Location: Kyaka II Refugee Settlement

Duration: December 1, 2018 to September 24, 2019

Position Summary: Emergency Doctors treats infections and injuries in a hospital emergency room or urgent care facility. Their duties include treating patients with life-threatening illnesses, requesting medical tests, performing follow-up visits, establishing effective patient care plans, and referring patients to the appropriate specialists when possible.

Should have superb communication and interpersonal abilities, with excellent judgment skills.

Job description: In emergency situation doctors often treat patients who have life-threatening conditions. Their primary job functions are to resuscitate or stabilize patients and refer them to the appropriate medical departments.

For this reason, emergency doctors often work as part of a team, with physicians of other specialities and other members of the emergency room staff. However, because this is a humanitarian scenario, emergency doctors must evaluate a wide variety of ailments, sometimes with little to no information.

They must multitask and pay attention to detail, be able to think and act quickly to make a tentative diagnosis and determine the appropriate course of treatment.

The following responsibilities and duties are to be carried out on a daily or weekly basis, regardless of the doctor’s specialty:

1. Assess patients that enter the emergency room immediately and oversee emergency patient’s recovery;

2. Admitting patients requiring special care, followed by investigations and treatment;

3. Making notes and preparing paperwork, both as a legal record of treatment and for the benefit of other healthcare professionals – this includes insert necessary data at the patients record software;

4. Work simultaneously with other doctors as part of a team, either in the same ‘department’ or within other specialties;

5. Work side by side with an international health professional volunteers;

6. Request the appropriate medical tests, review all medical (laboratory, x-ray) reports concerning patients and based on them, follow a treatment plan;

7. Liaising with other medical and non-medical staff in the hospital to ensure quality treatment;

8. Ensure that patients are stable before transferring them to the proper department for further evaluation;

9. Provide instructions for discharge and any relevant paperwork;

10. Make sure that all medical records are properly kept and maintained;

11. Respond to all forms of acute medical emergencies with immediate effect;

12. Perform and interpret electrocardiogram, basic ultrasounds, X-rays;

13. Excellent communication skills especially active listening skills and being proactive in patient care;

14. Must have good time management abilities and the ability to think and act critically at all times;

15. Good decision-making ability even under pressure;

16. Able to work as part of a team or even lead a team if need be;

17. Maintains safe and clean working environment by complying with procedures, rules, and regulations;

18. Work in the Out Patients Department when needed;

19. Supervises medical students and junior doctors;

20. Maintains professional and technical knowledge by attending educational workshops, reviewing professional publications, establishing personal networks, etc;

21. Work in other area of the CEMS differently than ED, when asked.

22. The Emergency Doctor will undertake medical and surgical consultations as required, as well as undertaking visits to nearby settlements/communities as required.

-Degree in Medicine
-Minimum 3 years of experience
-Experience in Emergency Department and in Primary Health Care
-Ability to work in a rotating shift of 8 hours
-Flexibility to work 16 hours shift when needed
-Availability to work 24 hours shifts;
-Fluent in English
-Swahili and French
-Ability to communicate and interact well with people from different educational, linguistic, cultural and religious backgrounds
-Proficiency in handling basic computer programs used in hospital management and basic computer skills in Word and Excel.