Job Title: Field Accountant and Administrator
Reports to: Field Coordinator
Supervises: Stores Keeper, Grounds Keeper, Security

Job Location: Kyaka II Refugee Settlement
Duration: December 1, 2018 to September 24, 2019

Position Summary: The Field Accountant/Administrator has to be a detailed-oriented problem-solver, who work well in a team environment while at the same time possess the skill to work independently when needed, as well who has to make decisions under pressure and works efficiently under time constraints.

Possess strong verbal and written communication skills. Above-average organisational, troubleshooting and basic computer skills are also essential to this role to ensure a smooth implementation of the program and operation activities planned and overviewed by the CEMS Management Team.

Job description: The Field Accountant/Administrator provides general support for the CEMS assisting the Field Coordinator in developing and implementing the CEMS project, in collaboration with the Management Team.

To meet the demands of this positions, the Field Accountant/Administrator is responsible for ensuring the completion of many tasks as record keeping of all the expenses related to CEMS, provision of general support in administration and security issues, maintain an accurate inventory of all equipment used in the CEMS.

These are the main responsibilities and duties to be carried out on a daily or weekly basis:

1. Support the Field Coordinator in the admin, logistics and coordination
2. Supervise the work of the Store Keeper, the Ground Keeper and the Security and make sure they follow the procedures and protocols established
3. Monitor expenses and suggest cost-effective alternatives
4. Bookkeeping of all expenses related to the project at the field level
5. Keep a record of all the project files
6. Maintain organised medical and employee records
7. Monitor staff timesheet
8. Supervise the ordering and stocking of medical and office supplies;
9. Supervise the work of the guards
10. Any other duties deemed appropriate for this position.

Basic Qualifications:
A) Degree in Accounting or Business Administration
B) Minimum 3 years of experience
C) Ability to work in 8 hours shifts, 5 working days
D) Previous experience in the humanitarian sector (preferred)
E) Previous experience with NGOs (preferred)
F) Fluent in English
G) Fluent in Swahili and French (preferred)
H) Ability to communicate and interact well with people from different educational, linguistic, cultural and religious backgrounds
I) Proficiency in handling basic computer programs used in hospital management and basic computer skills in Word and Excel.

The CEMS project will start 1 December 2018 and is planned to run for 10 months. The contract is for ten months starting on 1 December 2018 and will be renewed (as funds are available) and based on key performance indicators (KPIs).