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Fair Child

Access to food is a human right:

“Parents of Karamoja region after failing to provide food to their children have resorted to giving them alcohol as an alternative to induce them to sleep and stop crying due to hunger.” Muzamiru Masaba, Health Officer, St. Pius Health Center III, Moroto district.

Karamoja Region is semi-arid in nature, receives erratic rainfall and recurrent droughts which causes the region to suffer chronic food insecurity and vulnerability to hunger thus leading to loss of lives, malnutrition among children and the elderly, and the region is dependent on WFP food aid year after year.

To address the situation ADRA is implementing a 2-year Food Access and Income Resource for the Child (FAIR CHILD) project to create sustainable income resources for the targeted Karimojong households. The project is focusing on reducing hunger among children by empowering vulnerable/food insecure households.

The targeted households will utilise the proceeds from the income resources and or income-generating activities (IGA) – including cereal banking and goat rearing – to be able to purchase and put food on the table for their children even during the drought situations that are persistently experienced in the region.

The 45 community-based organizations (CBO) working with the Action for Social Change (ASC) Program will serve as entry points for the FAIR CHILD project. The project will build the capacity of CBO members in different ways including backyard farming, making composite mature from goat droppings to be used as manure in backyard gardening, basics of child care and rights, nutrition skills and basic food preservation methods. The project will also orient them in enterprise/IGA management, records keeping, basic financial literacy, goat rearing for business and value chain development with intentions of empowering them to successfully manage the IGAs that will be provided by the project.

The project will also link targeted households to existing Village Savings and Loans Associations (VSLAs) for purposes of saving and also access finance to boost their IGAs. Using the ASC advocacy platforms, FAIR CHILD beneficiaries will be linked to duty bearers where issues that affect this project will be discussed and addressed. Cereal bankers will also be linked to existing suppliers and or traders.

Fair Child is funded by ADRA Denmark.