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ADRA Business

ADRA Business Uganda seeks to support agribusiness development in areas of technological intensification, trainings and value chain development.

We believe in the potential for agriculture to:

  • Create employment for thousands within the country.
  • Provide quality food for the general populace and the fast emerging middle class.
  • Create a steady source of income and Returns On Investment (ROI).
  • Provide the raw materials that will support the rapid industrialization of the state.
  • Ensure a peaceful community with an improved standard of living.
  • Provide revenue for the government.

ADRA Business has engaged a technical partner, DanishKnowHow, a private company founded in 2005, to develop and implement innovative activities in developing countries. The company increases and improves agribusiness entrepreneurship and transforms small-scale subsistence farmers into successful businesses. Clients are investors, governments and donors who wish to facilitate agricultural development, based on entrepreneurship, job creation and financial sustainability.

Together with DanishKnowHow, we strive to create projects, which are visible, concrete and sustainable. We take the project from the first idea and contacts, develop the concept, create a roadmap, identify partners, do feasibility study, establish facilities, train staff and start up the operations. We work as developers of projects and in some cases as an investor or shareholder.

ADRA Business Uganda for the past 10 months has been able to organize successful Business events and meetings with an aim of promoting networks within the Agro business community in Uganda. Such Networking events have enabled ADRA Business to identify prospects who wish to invest in Agriculture specifically the ‘Ingrower (Incubator Model) model’ and these include: ADFARM Limited in partnership with Busoga Kingdom, Runoni traders, Rift Valley Investments Limited, Kyaterekera Agricultural Farm School, DARAS limited, among others.

The above companies in partnership with ADRA Business, and the DanishKnowHow will implement the InGrower (incubator) model in Uganda.

The Project’s main focus will be on poultry and vegetable growing and will aim at training the country’s unemployed youth so that they find agriculture profitable and therefore an alternative means of employment.

The youth will be trained for about 2 years and during this time, they will be able to save their own capital to start businesses as entrepreneurs.