Depending on the need or issue to be addressed, ADRA Uganda works with the affected individuals, organized groups and /or the wider civil society to enhance their voice and accountability, access to rights and sustainable livelihoods using the following approaches:

  • Human Rights-Based Approaches
  • Multi-sector Integrated approach
  • Strategic partnerships and alliances
  • Triangle of Change

Human Rights-based Approach to development: Recognizing that both human rights and human development, we seek to secure for every human being freedom, well-being, and dignity; ADRA Uganda thus incorporates human rights-based approaches in its programming. The organization works in partnership with the rights-holders empowering them to effectively engage with duty-bearers and to participate in their own development while promoting gender equality, non discrimination, transparency and accountability.

Multi-sector Integrated approach: Community needs are always multi-sector in nature  hence ADRA Uganda endeavors to develop and implement integrated programs having the desired sector combinations derived from the 5 major  portfolios namely: Education, health, WASH and environment; food and nutrition security; livelihoods / economic development; and disaster management.

Strategic partnerships and alliances: Recognizing that we do not have the capacity to meet all the needs of the target communities, ADRA Uganda engages in strategic partnerships and alliances with both state and non-state actors to ensure that the target people’s needs are adequately addressed in a more holistic and sustainable way.