• Kireka Hill, Kampala, Uganda
  • +256.393.261.592

Job Location: Agago District
Contract Duration: One Year

Position Summary: Be the authorized driver of the ADRA Uganda vehicle assigned to SCALE Program for Agago District and ensure that the vehicle is properly maintained. Participate in the program day-to-day field activities under the guidance and direction of the Area Coordinator, and provide logistical support to staff and program resource persons under the guidance and direction of your immediate supervisor and/or ADRA Uganda’s Procurement & Logistics Assistant.

Job Description: These are the main responsibilities and duties to be carried out on a daily or weekly basis:

• Provide the Area Coordinator and other program staff such as the Field-Based M&E and SACCO/IGA Officer with logistical support in running office and field errands assigned to you by the Area Coordinator and/or higher authorities in SCALE Program/ADRA Uganda.
• Carry out community mobilization and participation in the other SCALE program activities under the guidance and direction of the Area Coordinator.
• Carry out light procurements as shall be advised by the Procurement & Logistics Assistant and/or Area Coordinator and make timely delivery of supplies and inputs.
• Co-ordinate delivery and collection of messages and parcels to and from SCALE/ADRA Uganda to other organizations.
• Make routine check-ups on the organizational vehicle assigned to you and make regular (monthly) reports to the Area Coordinator and Procurement & Logistics Assistant about the condition of the vehicle; handle light repairs on the vehicle as allowed by the organisational policy and refer major / complicated ones to the ADRA Uganda Procurement & Logistics Assistant who will advise you on what to do.
• Ensure the cleanliness and safety of the vehicle assigned to you.
• Adhere to the necessary security measures for program vehicles movement
• Ensure that the required information is always entered in the logbook of the vehicle assigned to you in an accurate and timely manner, and make photocopies of the monthly entries in the logbook and submit them to the Procurement & Logistics Assistant of ADRA Uganda.
• Perform any other duties as may be assigned or are incidental to this office.
• Complete a mechanical checklist prior to each shift to ensure the vehicle is in working order and report any mechanical issues to appropriate service personnel;
• Complete a weekly check-up in the operations vehicle and before long trips;
• Ensure the car is clean and stocked properly with first aid, spare tires prior to each shift.
• Transport staff to/from different locations when requested;

• Minimum of O’ level
• Valid driver’s license (Mandatory)
• Mechanical skills (Mandatory)
• Must be able to speak and understand Acholi/Luo
• Must be fluent speaking, writing and understanding English
• Clean driving record
• At least 5 years experience as a driver
• Ability to work in 8 hours shift and on-call
• Ability to communicate and interact well with people from different educational, linguistic, cultural and religious backgrounds

30th November 2019 by close of business.