ADRA Uganda is administered and managed by a team of Professional staff. These individuals work in the main ADRA Uganda office in Kampala as well as at project locations.

ADRA Uganda has a strong Board of Governors comprising of skilled and experienced members of society with high professional caliber in various disciplines relevant to ADRA Uganda’s portfolios. The board as the overall governing body is responsible for policy and governance of the organization. Below the board is the Administrative Committee (ADCOM) that is responsible for the day to day running of the Organization. The ADCOM is headed by the Country Director (CEO), and is responsible for financial, human resource and programmatic activities of the Organization.

The committee is responsible for supervising and guiding all the technical staff and volunteers working in all the districts covered by ADRA Uganda.

There are at present three directors in the top management namely:

Ag_country_Director  Ag. Director of Programs  Henry

 Solomon Kateregga,
Ag. Country Director,
+256 752 667 353

 Benon Matovu B.
Ag. Programs Director,
+256 772 691 234
Henry Kalule,
Finance Director,
+256 752 228 229

To deliver on its portfolios, ADRA Uganda has a united team of highly qualified, competent and committed personnel in key positions, and the level of performance, work ethics, efficiency and shouldering responsibility is high throughout the organization. It is part of the Organizational culture to recruit, retain, develop and motivate a cadre of knowledgeable, professional, competent and continuously learning people.